Human. Why are we out? I just heard thunder. Let’s go home and snuggle. And by snuggle I mean you give me treats. #atleastiminmybagyoushouldreallylookintogettingyourown


shakeshack burger stalker

My jowls are so comfy, sometimes I like to nap on them. #erebodylovesdemjowls

@cloverthebulldog tagged me to post my humans’ lock screens. This is my female human’s screen. I was about 6 months and sitting on my male human while at the vet. I looked up and just licked his nose, which is why he has that look on his face. Unfortunately, it’s a hipstamatic (Damn you humans! All my puppy photos have crappy filters) but it’s still her fav. Now I tag @antfarm16 @gatsbypuppy @thedailywalter and @thunder_the_frenchie to post their humans’ lock screens #thesbpdoesntneedafilter

This is a pic of me from @brucewaynethefrenchie and @harriettnoir’s bully bash this weekend. This was right before a fellow frenchie threw up on me. #inormallywaittotossmycookiesonmyhumanscarpet


Old man jowly face

Stiff upper lip.

Shorty and I had such a great time at @brucewaynethefrenchie and @harriettnoir’s #2loversturn2 birthday extravaganza. I wish we could have stayed longer but 2 unneutered bullies up. And when I see another dog with balls, I must fight him and try to bite them off. #ificanthaveballsnooneelsecaneither

Behind the scenes of me practicing my drool game. Here, I am adding weights so my drool gets stronger. #practicewetalkingaboutnotagamewetalkingaboutpractice

My MMA training is playing off. This #sleekblackpanther needs to keep his fighting skillz on point. #comeatmebruh

Someone loves all of the attention.

Shorty: Ok Bucks, now that we own the East Village, which neighborhood should we conquer next. #willthefanclubfollowusallover

You guys can go, I’ll walk myself.

We are two wild and crazy guys. buckythefrenchy

Friday night lights the Frenchie version. #iamconvincediamwinning


Bucky climbed me like a mountain. Mountain goat


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