Closer and closer.

buckythefrenchy and I playing space invaders.

I look calm in this picture but at the exact moment it is being posted, I am barking my face off at any little noise in the hallway. #youcantmakemestop

Maybe if I sneak up very quietly, my male human won’t notice me stalking his breakfast. #sbpwantsapancake #nodroolhere

Today was perfect frenchie weather; hopefully tomorrow will be the same. #iknowyoucantstoplookingatmyteeeeeeffff

My female human says I look like a cartoon character. Is there a #sleekblackpanther cartoon? If there isn’t I am available for modeling. #ifninjaturtlescanhaveatoonfrenchiesshouldhaveone

I’ve spent most of the morning napping but now that @lailatherescue is out for her scheduled 1 hr walk I can really relax and nap it hard. #naplife

The chasm to full on cuddles grows smaller. We figure in 1 week big spoon will meet little spoon.

What do mean Grandma made me a chunky monkey? I don’t know what a diet is, but it better mean more peanut butter. #yourenotexactlysvelteyourself

Enough with the pictures. Get me a treat and scratch my butt. #ifyoureallylovedmeypuwouldfillmybelly


Send help

He loves me.

#dogue is so exciting even drool bubbles won’t pop. @piggyandpolly #piggyandpolly

My jowls look so plump. Does the camera add 10 to my jowls or am I a fatty? #plumpblackpanther

What? I am going home from the beach tomorrow? Awesome, I get to go to the dog park and mark it everywhere so all the east village doggies know who’s park it is. They must have been so confused, poor guys. #ifipeeonititismine

#ThrowBackThursday to the time I was contemplating life without treats. It’s a horrific hellscape. #tbt

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