Night my ig friends. Better rest up. We have a full day of napping tomorrow. #prosleeper

I got home from a walk and found my female human home early from work. I decided to mountain goat while she gave me butt scratches. I am not sure who enjoys this more. #ladylesslaughingandmorescratches

TGIF IG friends! #workingfortheweekend

Hey human, please don’t move your foot as it is providing me with maximum comfort. You can sleep standing up, right? #ificansleepinweirdpositionswhycantyou

Sleek black panther puppy on a mission, a mission of freeing treats from their human captors. #sbp #sleekblackpanthersalute

#ThrowBackThursday to the first time my humans made me pose for a picture, I was skeptical. I don’t think they gave me a treat for this. Hey, human you still owe me. #afrenchieneverforgets #treatlife #tbt

Waiting patiently while @mm0relli holds the treats.

I got all dressed up for my 3,000th follower. You guys are all amazing, thank you very much for all the love. #sleekblackpanthersalute

This pic was taken of me this past weekend when there WASNT snow on the ground. I don’t know what I did to you, Mother Nature, but I’m sorry if I somehow pissed you off. Can you make it warm again and melt the snow? #nomoresnowinspring #itsaprilright

Post play and post meal I am a happy puppy. #frenchielife

My not so subtle request for butt scratches. #domybidding

With Fenway gone, who I am supposed to play with? You, human, are a sad excuse for a playmate. I can’t bite your jowls—you get all huffy when I try. #woahisme


Can someone explain why the dogs we watch/take care of ALL mountain goat on our couch?? The top is Fenway from today and the bottom is stew balls— a rescue from a year ago.


He’s right behind me, isn’t he? #creeper

We are exhausted, my male human took us to the Tompkins Square Park dog run for 2 hours. We ran, we marked, we chased, we were chased, we humped (well I humped Fenway and he snapped at me), and we had so much fun. #frenchielife

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