@buckythefrenchy vs. bully stick

Why are you making me take a with brain? I am not Pinky! If it was Panther and the Brain then it might be relevant. #sleekblackpantherandthebrain http://ift.tt/Y3X1u0

Doggy pool living at tompkins square park dog run. This pic was post jowl dunk and pre pee squat. #thenextdogwillknowwhoownsthispool http://ift.tt/1CdUKfd

I am doing my best @mrbobabear impression. Obviously without the weenie out cuz it is not Wednesday. Do I look cute enough to get some of the treats? #thefemalehumanisawayandimisslickinghersaltymeatsticksakalegs http://ift.tt/1zXcaJh

Chika Bowbowbow Chika Bowbowbow

A #tbt to when I was an angry young nugget. #sosserioussotiny http://ift.tt/1zNBS2C

What drool? Where? #justgivemeacookie http://ift.tt/1C5W9Vc

Watch out ladies! The #sleekblackpanther is on the move! http://ift.tt/1mTcnXT

This tiny human should fear the wrath of #sleekblackpantherzilla. I destroy villages looking for treats and terrorize mankind with my cuteness. #Rawwwrrrrr http://ift.tt/1mP2zhF

Sometimes, a little drool bubble will be sufficient. Not all drool bubbles need to be the size of my head. It is the little ones that tell the deepest story. #thelittledroolbubblethatcould http://ift.tt/1AQCyXA

My human thinks I look like velvet. He keeps quoting the line from “Coming to America” “This is beautiful. What is that, velvet?” as he is petting my face. #iamnotkingjaffejofferslionthrowover http://ift.tt/1vghcCE

Human. Please remove the phone from my face. It’s almost time for my 9am nap. If I don’t do it now, my 10am nap will be completely ruined. #onlyifyouhavetreatscanyoukeepmeawake http://ift.tt/1zs16U4


Bath outtakes

love this little guy.

Oh. Hello there. I didn’t see you. I was just about to zoomie. #zoomiesgivemecrazyeyes http://ift.tt/1BT8dJe

We went to Central Park yesterday and today we’re heading to jersey. I’m already in the bag so let’s gooooooo #dontforgettopackthetreats http://ift.tt/1nqa0Ma

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